So You’re Going to Bali

If and when you fly into Bali, you’ll probably fly into Kuta - When you get there, there will be tons of people trying to offer you a taxi - they will charge whatever they want. Either cop up and pay it, OR. If you’re game to live on the wild side, you can walk... Continue Reading →

New York City

If you go to New York City I recommend trying open-style sushi hand rolls and going to the Guggenheim! Tickets are $25 for adults. Your sushi might cost the same. haha. If I had to pick one, always the art. The MoMa was great, my favorite exhibit being Monet (not pictured for simplicity).... I didn't... Continue Reading →

Antelope Island

When the big sis came to town, showing her THE Salt Lake was high on the list... and better yet, word on the street was that there was an island in the north where bison and antelope roamed the plains around the lake. I wasn't really sure if I could believe it, but - sure... Continue Reading →

Camp4 and Coffee Shops

All the hiking and climbing aside, I'm in Salt Lake City to work with a company called Camp4Collective. Working with Camp4 had been a dream of mine since I began filmmaking, and being here as a part of the team- it still doesn't feel real. I've recently been brought on as helping hands by director,... Continue Reading →

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